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    They dressed in white (signifying peace), they carried American flags (signifying patriotism), they recited the pledge of allegiance (signifying loyalty), they smiled and danced and sang (sometimes in English). So why would anyone not like them and accept them?

    Let’s look at some of the signs that were being waved. “This Flag Murdered Indians, Chicanos, Latinos.”; Open La Door o rompo La window (Open the door or I’ll break the window); Sensenbrenner Racist Pigs with the republican emblem emblazoned with swastikas; America is Scary (the open borders band) and more.
    29% of all the inmates in Federal facilities are Hispanic (the vast majority here illegally); illegal aliens are 50% more likely to be on welfare; many of the hospitals and clinics in the border states are bankrupt or facing bankruptcy because of the flood of illegals.

    Illegals demand to communicate and be communicated with in Spanish. All service sectors have to hire Spanish speaking people in order to communicate.

    La Raza, the race, states that California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas are actually part of Mexico and will be reunited with Mexico. This ship called America will sink if we don’t recognize the wrongness, insidiousness and madness of unlimited illegal immigration.

    Stan Solomon @ StanSolomon.com

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