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    Two black exotic dancers have destroyed the lives and reputations of an entire team, a university and a race. Pretty good for these $400 dollar an hour sluts. Anyone with a modicum of intellect can examine the known facts and ascertain that there was no rape, unless you consider the taking of $800 for five minutes of dancing from young white college guys.

    The police were at the house for fifteen minutes, looking for anyone that might shed light on complaints of racial slurs being hurled and found no one home. Fifteen or twenty minutes later they returned because of the report of a rape and found no one home. The first call came from the second dancer, though she lied and said it wasn’t her. The second call came from the alleged rape victim, saying she was walking away from the house and picked up by passerbys, another lie. The players all volunteered to give DNA, knowing that they didn’t do anything to these sluts but yell and ask for their money back. The alleged victim has a criminal incident where she led the police on a chase and then tried to run over an officer when she was trapped. The DA is running for election in a county with 50% black citizens and has now said he will proceed just on the alleged victim’s testimony. The asinine email from one of the team members shows he was pissed but not crowing over the abuse of a dancer. This is a perfect example of the race card and the rape card being used to deflect from the attempt of these two embarrassments to honest black women everywhere ripping off some white boys. Anyone hear that the alleged victim passed a lie detector? Of course not.

    I’m sickened by the pansy ass attitude of Duke University, the media, and many black leaders.

    Stan Solomon @ StanSolomon.com



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