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  • Monday, May 22nd 2006 Print E-mail
    Listen Now! Former New Jersey governor, Jim McGreevey, admits that he went to highway rest stops and had anonymous gay sex with anyone who would let him. This piece of homosexual garbage wants to make money on a book talking about his sick, disgusting and filthy life. If you buy this book of crap from this piece of crap, then you are supporting crap. – Anthony Bell killed his wife’s grandparents, great aunt and cousin as they sat in church. He critically injured the pastor of that small Alabama church. He kidnapped his estranged wife and then murdered her, though he called it a suicide. She had a restraining order, though it did no good. Now he will be tried. I think he should try to live without eyes, hands, feet or a tongue. Just to show I’m sensitive, we’ll leave him in alligator areas. That way he can contribute to the environment as alligator poop. – Canada’s birth rate is 10.5 per thousand. That is too low to support the current population. The Pope says it’s that low because of the effects of secularism. He is right. What the Pope does not say, and may not realize, is that the plan is to get the western world to under reproduce and fill the gap with the third world. This will eventually lead to the whole world becoming third world and then a world government taking over the whole world. Nefarious, obvious and insidious. Wake up world, before it’s too late.
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