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  • Tuesday, May 23rd 2006 Print E-mail
    Listen Now! An eight year old boy, along with a ten year old boy, snuck into a school bus and released the brake. They were seen and taken to the principle’s office, but nobody checked the bus. Amber Sadiq, 8, was walking down the street when the bus started to roll and ran over her. She’s dead, the 8 year old boy is charged and we’re left wondering why God let this happen. – A mentally disturbed man, Lanny Barnes, 46, ran over a family of four in a Georgia McDonalds. The daughter was killed and the boy and the parents are in critical condition. Lanny’s mother is terribly distraught and say her son has been depressed. I wonder what medications he’s on? – A top Hamas commander has been captured by Israel. Ibrahim Hamed, 41, surrendered when his hideout was surrounded. Where is a “I want to be a martyr” attitude from the leadership of Hamas? Guess that, kill yourself and any Jews you can, thing is only for the stupid, impressionable youth.
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